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10 Reasons My Real Earth is a better alternative to body care

July 06, 2016

10 Reasons My Real Earth is a better alternative to body care

Our day­to­day routines are hectic.Between juggling work, home and all of our other obligations our mindfulness can sometimes be lost...especially when it comes to our body care routine. How often have you picked up a bottle of lotion just because it was there and then proceeded to slather it on your dry skin? If you're like most, I would say pretty often. And why not? Your skin was dry, the lotion was there. Bing­ bang­ boom. Done. One less thing to worry about.

But have you actually read the back of that generic body care bottle? Many companies that we have been persuaded to know & trust are misleading us. That bottle is filled with TOXIC chemicals that are all listed right there in the ingredients for everyone to see. But they know you won't look that far & they use that to their advantage.That's why My Real Earth is coming clean from the start.

We have come up with a list of10 reasons why My Real Earth is differentfrom that generic toxic bottle of lotion & we are sharing that with you so you can take the guess­work out of your body care routine with a product you can trust. For Real.

1. Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

What is all this hype over Essential Oils, anyway?
If you haven't heard by now, essential oils are a small little thing with a BIG impact. They are the oils that are naturally derived from plants. These little oils can be used in a variety of ways and are known as an alternative medicine for many different ailments. My Real Earth has chosen to incorporate each of our products with select essential oils based upon their traditionally known benefits to skin health. They also give each of our product a completely natural scent. (more on that later!)

2. Only the Best Natural Ingredients

Some companies like to say they are 'natural' because they used ONE natural ingredient. That's NOT how My Real Earth works. We use a select blend of choice ingredients (that are Organic/Enviromentally friendly) that makes up our entire product. There's no need to persuade you to use crap by saying we're natural when we're not. That's so not Real.

3. No TOXIC or Harmful Chemicals

If you haven't figured it out by now, we care about your well­being when you use a My Real Earth product. It was so disturbing to my family when we flipped over our own lotion bottle & realized what we were actually putting on our skin. We had changed so much of our lifestyle already as we went through my husbands health scare, but when we saw that label looking back at us it felt like a betrayal. Our skin is the largest organ of our body & what we put on it matters. That's why we are so passionate about what we do. No toxins­ EVER.

4. Pure Down to the Packaging

Everything about our product is Real, even the packaging, and we want you to know it & feel good about your part as a My Real Earth customer. All of our labels are printed using vegetable based ink with low VOC emissions as a more eco­friendly alternative.

5. No Animal Testing­ EVER

This really should be a no­brainer for everyone. We love our fur babies so much (having 6 dogs will do that to a person!) & we would never EVER stand behind a product that was tested cruelly. My Real Earth is all about helping others to feel good....and that means our furry friends too.

10 Reasons why My Real Earth is a better alternative to body care

6. Mind, Body & Spirit

Our formula is special because we didn't just slop together a bunch of ingredients. As we said only the best make it into each My Real Earth product. The butters, creams, green tea & all the other goodies packed into our products are there because they are good for your skin & help to relax your mind, revitalize the body & restore the spirit. It's like having a mini­spa break every time you use it. Ahhh...

7. Service to Others

The 'Me Me Me' mentality of big corporations is no way to live. We have come to realize at My Real Earth that the best way to truly feel good about the life you lead is to share yourself & your service to others. That is why a portion of all of our proceeds goes straight to charity.

*go towww.myrealearth.comfor more details

8. Family Owned

This company got its start because as a family we made the decision to switch our lifestyle to a healthier one, and to just stop at eating our fruits & veggies wasn't an option. A family owned business grew out of that lifestyle change & we feel that because each of us truly lives the lifestyle of the My Real Earth brand you can feel comfortable in your selection of any My Real Earth product.

9. No Toxic Fragrances

As we said before, everything is put into all of our products for a purpose. There is absolutely NO SCENT in any My Real Earth product. The natural aroma of every product comes from the ingredients used because of their known skin benefits. For example: Rejuvenating Tea Tree Body Lotion smells like Tea Tree because of our use of Tea Tree essential oil

*to learn more about each oils benefit visit a product page on our website

10. Love Who You Are

It is part of our mission here at My Real Earth to build a community that encourages each other to love who they are. For Real. We use our social media platform to provide insights that help encourage people to embrace & accept their authentic self. Self­love is the means through which we continue to build the vision of My Real Earth.

*follow us on social media & use #lovewhoyouare

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