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July 20, 2016

Hi! I'm Destiny. I am part of the My Real Earth family & truly love these products. Because of my dedication to spread our message of encouragement for you to #lovewhoyouare, I have been placed as the blogger for the My Real Earth Blog! I just wanted to say a quick 'Hi!' & I look forward to building this uplifting community with each of you! 

We all need a little help sometimes when it comes to putting together a body care routine that not only works for us, but also works with our schedules. I personally hate wasting time in the bathroom when I could be doing other things….but I am also a sucker for a good spa Sunday at home! Luckily My Real Earth offers products that can work whether you’re busy, or basking in some much needed ‘me’ time. Below I’ve shared with you both of my routines. The Quick is my day-to-day routine to moisturize my skin & The Relaxing is more what I do when a miracle happens & my son actually takes a 3 hour nap!


The Quick-

Relaxing Lavender Castile Soap- I love this as an alternative to harsh soaps. I quickly cleanse my skin with this like I would any other soap when I’m in the shower. I do like to use a lufa to get off that extra dead skin, and the lavender oil gives me that relaxing pick-me-up I need.

Rejuvenating Tea Tree Body Lotion- I use the Tea Tree body lotion because I have lots of scars & stretch marks. I just put this on my legs, shoulders, arms & tummy. My skin gets the hydration it needs & I feel good knowing that Tea Tree has been said to heal scars!

And then I’m done!

The Relaxing-  

Relaxing Lavender Castile Soap- Same as before. I use this first as a cleanser for my skin.

Relaxing Lavender Sugar Scrub- to really sluff off some dead skin & exfoliate the skin sugar scrub is a must when I have more than 10min. to shower. It’s my personal favorite My Real Earth product because it is so gentle & really works. Exfoliating with sugar scrub regularly will prime the skin for the next step.

Rejuvenating Tea Tree Body Butter- I let my body soak in all the goodness of this light & creamy butter. It has everything that’s good for the skin whipped in & feels so good on freshly exfoliated skin! & once again this stuff makes me feel good pulling double duty as Tea Tree is said to help with scars!

Rejuvenating Tea Tree Hands, Heels & Elbows- to add some life to the most neglected areas I add a dab of this cream to my elbows & feet. I’ve also used this if I decide to give myself a pedicure after exfoliating my feet!


So there ya have it! My 2 routines that can be used either day-to-day or on a relaxing spa day….all with My Real Earth products. Leave a comment & tell me what you think, or share your ideas on upcoming blog posts.

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