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September 16, 2016

Here at My Real Earth we appreciate skincare for men because we love our rugged man, and want to help him feel good about the beard they’re in! Regular grooming is important for a good-looking beard, but facial shaving is one of the most toxin-filled things a man can do. That is why we have created a natural shave system that offers an alternative to traditional shave methods.

For those men who have not yet thought of skincare for men and switched to beard oil – here are 4 Reasons Men Should Switch to Beard Oil.


Who doesn’t love a healthy shine to their hair? Adding just a dab of beard oil to your locks will help to make dull hair glow with a more healthy shine.



Using natural ingredients is more than just great because it ditches the toxins (which is pretty awesome!) Everything used to make our beard oil is known for its support to more healthy hair.



Beard oil helps to take away the itch! Just add a dab to any particularly flaky or itchy areas & the oil will work quickly to help to relieve the itch.



Suffer from dry skin under your beard? Beard oil will not only help give life to your facial hair, but it will also help to moisturize the skin underneath. Try it!



Do you have questions about beard oil? Let us know via e-mail or leave us a comment on Twitter, Facebook, or right HERE. Don’t forget to check out our entire Rugged line, and when you join our e-mail family you will receive a 20% off coupon for September’s Monthly Must-Have – Patchouli Beard Oil.

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