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5 Life-Changing Secrets of Sugar Scrub

July 12, 2016 1 Comment

Exfoliation is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for your skin. It allows for the top layer of the skin to shed & for healthy new skin cells to grow. With exfoliation we prime the new layer of skin for exactly what we want to see (glowing gorgeous skin!) & over time with continual use that’s exactly what we get!

Here are 5 insider secrets to sugar scrub to help you get the results you want.


1. The Sugar Matters.

My Real Earth uses natural organic cane sugar in all of our sugar scrubs, but there are many other types of sugar that can make-up your sugar scrubs such as brown sugar which has a lighter texture. Cane sugar is naturally gentle to the skin, but is still strong enough to give you an exfoliation that works.  Many other products have a variation of artificial exfoliants that do more harm to the skin than good. Did you know that just within the recent years the U.S. has BANNED the use of microbeads -which are often times used in exfoliating products- because of how bad they are for the environment (read more about this here) Using sugar as your go-to exfoliator really is worth it to your skin & to the world! So if you haven’t already, stop using that fake stuff & switch to sugar.

2. Sugar Scrub for Sensitive Skin

I think most of us are used to harsh products, & don’t question that harshness until we find something else. I personally have had troubled skin – from acne to over-oily to sometimes patchy dry skin- what I realized after switching to a sugar scrub though, was that all those things were side effects from what I was using. That was not actually my skin! Now everyone is different & has a different level of sensitivity, but sugar scrub has been a life-saver for my skin because it not only gently restores the skin back to health by naturally exfoliating, but it’s not chock-full of chemicals that are only going to add to any current irritation. I would recommend our Relaxing Lavender Sugar Scrub as a good place to start for people with acne or other skin sensitivities because Lavender has been said to help calm the skin.

3. Get Mixing!

Here at My Real Earth we use essential oils for the skin benefits they are said to carry along with some other great ingredients. Other natural sugar scrubs may have their own concoction of goodies they blend in with their sugar to help aid the skin in some way. It’s this concoction that is going to really help you get the results you want. If you were to just take dry sugar & start scrubbing it on your body firstly it would hurt! & it would over exfoliate the skin without replenishing it which would leave it more irritated & susceptible to problems. The oils blended in with the sugar allow for the skin to be gently moisturized while also being exfoliated which will really help your skin to see the results you want. If you use a sugar scrub on a regular basis like I do, it is sometimes safe to skip the moisturizer for a day because sugar scrubs are really like an exfoliating moisturizer. (But you know your skin!)

4. Sugar & Stretch Marks

Now, I will start by saying this. There is no cure for stretch marks- sorry believe me, after my son I tried & it just doesn’t exist. However, you can help stretch marks to fade with regular use of a sugar scrub (*try our Rejuvenating Tea Tree Sugar Scrub. Tea Tree has been said to work wonders for any marking or scarring on the skin.)  Stretch marks are nothing but a scar from the obvious tear caused by the stretching of the skin. With regular exfoliating the prominence of the scar will sometimes diminish & fade because you are helping to sluff off the over-damaged skin cells and allow your skin to rebuild healthy new ones which will make the scars themselves seem less visible.

5. A Dream for Callus

Callous is the rough, cracked, dry, and awfully painful to look at parts of our skin that have been put through the ringer and are now suffering. Think of a farmers cracked hands from working the field or a runner’s heels blistered from running long distances. Or maybe your elbows & knees haven’t been given some good TLC in who knows when. I know the thought of scraping off super-dry & sometimes sensitive skin can seem daunting, but keep in mind that it’s the most natural and gentle way to do it thanks to the gentle texture of the sugar & the moisturizing blend of the ingredients. Take a small amount of scrub & exfoliate the damaged skin by blending it evenly on the skin in a circular motion. Then after you have rinsed it off, add a thick moisturizer that will sink deep into the skin to provide that extra moisture needed to heal. (*try Hands Heels & Elbows)

Have any other sugary questions you want answered or other suggested blog post? Let us know! 

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Joe Robbin
Joe Robbin

October 01, 2018

Really Great Work
Looking to see more from you!

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