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5 Tips to a Happy Life

August 04, 2016 1 Comment

Hello everyone! I just want to say a HUGE thank-you for all of you reading. Last week I had an amazing response for the 5 Ways to Better Self Love blog & I was so excited to see that my encouragement & tips are reaching so many people- so a great big thank-you!

This week I wanted to slightly shift the focus from self-habits to life-habits. As with any new habit you will still need self-discipline (which is different than the habit itself) to actually fully incorporate it into your life, but these are tips that I find useful when I need to change the direction of my life to one that is more in alignment with the things that I really want.

  1. Meditate-

Meditating really is my saving grace. When I am cranky, it helps remind me how to be happy. When I am sad, it helps to remind all the things to love. It’s how I connect to the good in my world. And when I am in quiet and let go of the stress of what I’m ‘supposed’ to do, my focus naturally shifts positively to the things that I need to do to create a the successful life I want.


  1. Journal-

To retain that sense of peace I gain from meditating, I have started practicing journaling. Did you know when you write something down you are more likely to actually do it. So, if you journal in that state of peace & right down the positive self-loving goals you have for yourself, you are more likely to actually follow through with those goals in a way that you want for your life.


  1. Vision Boards-

Vision boards are like fun arts-n’-crafts for your life. It really can be anything that reminds you of where you want to be. Some people do collages. Or perhaps you frame a picture of that dream home & place it by your desk. It doesn’t matter how you do it, the idea is that when you see the thing you want every day, you will start doing the things needed to make that thing a reality!


  1. Intuitive Scheduling-

I do this a lot! I used to be so controlling when it came to time, and I’m still working on letting this control go. But, when you let go of your schedule & allow yourself to schedule the things you need to get done for the day around when you intuitively feel they should be done the stressful time monster seems to lose its grip & your life once again starts to feel more peaceful!


  1. RELAX!

That’s pretty much the message behind everything! Relax & let the good in. If you notice things are stressing you out, RELAX. Because no one wants a stressful or chaotic life. The more we relax when we are stressed or give ourselves time to treat ourselves, the more our life flows in a way that makes us happy!

I hope you found these tips useful. If you did please share with your friends & family. I’m happy to help encourage you to #lovewhoyouare.

Do you have a suggestion, comment or tip of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

1 Response

Leah Mello
Leah Mello

August 06, 2016

I have a group on Facebook called Love Who You Are. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I will be following your blog. I will be sharing this to my group and my Facebook page. Thank you again!!!

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