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August 24, 2016

Growing in the recent years is the positive rise in health and lifestyle choices (think having an organic juice after a yoga session). But even with this positive shift in healthy behavior many people forget to question the toxic components that are in some of the day-to-day products we use. What people also don’t realize is that chemicals that are highly regulated, or even banned in other countries are A-Okay here.

Here are 9 Toxic Ingredients to check for during your next personal care purchase.



For being known as a carcinogen linked to respiratory problems the E.U. has wisely banned this ingredient. It is still commonly used in the U.S. for the popular Brazilian Blow-out and was found as ‘safe to use’ by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review under current practices/concentrations of nail products.

 CHECK: Nail Products- Hardeners/Polish



Anything higher than 1% of this possible carcinogen is banned in the E.U. It has been linked to proof of cancer in mice and is associated with skin sensitivity. However, the FDA has yet to ban the substance.

CHECK:  Facial/Skin Products- skin lighteners, spot correctors, etc.



A known cause of hormone imbalances as well as an endocrine conductor, this substance is yet again banned in the E.U. Recently, this controversial ingredient is now under investigation as it has been said to be linked to obesity and fertility problems.

CHECK: Personal Cleaning Agents- teeth products, soaps and sanitizers



The E.U., Canada, and Japan all have regulations concerning this ingredient. Lead is a neuroTOXIN that can be harmful in even small doses. Though the FDA says that the trace amounts of lead aren’t enough to do any harm- think about the 61% of lipsticks that were found positive with lead. Do you really think that daily toxin use is safe? I didn’t think so.

CHECK: Dyes- lipstick/ hair dyes



Parabens are another supposed endocrine disruptor, and is linked to a variety of cancers. As much as 5 different parabens have been banned in the E.U. with other parabens kept under strict regulation standards. With the dangers associated to parabens, the E.U. presents a sharp contrast to the U.S. who finds paraben use in cosmetics safe for consumers.

CHECK: Beauty Products- body lotion/make-up*


Another possible carcinogen found in many U.S. cosmetics.

CHECK:  Mascara Nickname: ‘paraffin wax’



Phthalates is an endocrine disrupter that causes hormonal imbalances. It is linked to developemental defects, fertility, and obesity. But according to the FDA there is no evidence that phthalates present a safety risk as they are used.

CHECK: Fragrance Products- antiperspirant/cologne Nickname: ‘fragrance’



Japan and the E.U. have both banned this ingredient because its cause for concern of toxicity to the environment and consumers. When tested by the National Toxicology Program, lab mice experienced tumor growths when exposed orally to the substance. But, here in the U.S. the FDA says it’s not dangerous at all in small amounts.

CHECK: Dandruff Shampoo



Banned in the E.U. for being a possible carcinogen, chemically bound to formaldehyde as a donor and a common tested positive as a possible allergen. The CIR once again says this to be safe in the U.S. if in small doses.

CHECK: Beauty Products- make-up/hair care/body care*


 *this ingredient is found in many personal care products- check closely


I hope you are now better informed of the devastating effect of the chemicals that are found in some of our everyday products & hopefully this will be a good guide to use when purchasing your next product. And most importantly, let’s continue to support the use of natural products that help to encourage you to #lovewhoyouare.

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