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November 21, 2016


So far, November has been such a fun month! Who doesn’t love the beginning of the holiday season!? Pumpkins, lattes, comfy sweaters, and hot chocolate! Fall is in full swing, and there is an electric anticipation for the upcoming winter months.

For us here at My Real Earth, November has been exceptionally full of pre-holiday excitement. We have had fun working with The Classy Chics for our second time (check-out their blog and giveaway over our Monthly Must-Have HERE). We have added a brand new essential oil to our signature line (Elevating Orange). Plus+ new live videos,  a YouTube channel, and hard work getting ready for black Friday, cyber Monday, and brand new winter Specials!

With all this excitement, I thought it would be a great time to talk a little bit more about essential oils (because we can’t talk about them enough here!) and why the essential oils in this month’s featured products are so awesome for the pre-holiday hustle-and-bustle.

Elevating Orange

The thing I LOVE about orange is how squeaky clean it is! It is a great cleanser and full of antioxidents. But most of all it is such a happy oil! That is why we call it Elevating Orange! Filled with all these great properties it’s no wonder it’s known to naturally pick up your mood.

This month we have featured our set as the Monthly Must-Have. We hope that this will be just the pick-me-up you need to deal with whatever your Turkey Day might bring.


There is a reason we chose this oil exclusively for our Rugged line. It is known as one of the best essential oils for the skin, and to help to your completion look flawless (great after you just shaved!) and it also helps to diminish the appearance of scars (for those unexpected razor nicks!) The best part is that it’s known as a very grounding oil which is why we love it for our men to encourage a sense of Rugged self-confidence!

Will this be your first year of holidays with the infamous in-laws? Or maybe you just want that bit of confidence as you deal with the upcoming holidays. This months Monthly Must-have Patchouli Aftershave will be the perfect touch, and now thru the end of November it’s 10% OFF!

Essential Oils really are great for all different occasions and moods! With My Real Earth’s exciting new products and hand-picked Monthly Must-Haves, you can take some of the chaos out your pre-holiday hustle and get back to relaxing with that mug of cider and snuggly throw!

Want to make the holiday season even more relaxing? My Real Earth makes a great gift! Keep a look-out for BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY DEALS!! And new products coming soon. Also, you can’t go wrong with  this month’s 10%OFF NOVEMBER COUPON CODE (look for it on the site- in the description section).


See ya soon!

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