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Spring time at Real Earth Skincare

What's new for Spring 2019

Spring is here and with it comes bare feet, sandals & pedicures.  

Who doesn't love spring time?

This is the time of year for warmer weather, outdoor fun and baring those dull, dry, winter tootsies. Let's not go there! Instead let's take a look at how to have soft, smooth,gorgeous feet using body scrub. 

Body Scrub is great for having soft, smooth skin. 

But let's not forget about our feet. There are many scrubs on the market, which can leave our head spinning with mind boggling decisions. One is good for the body, one for the face, and then there are specific scrubs marketed just for the feet. 

Let's make this simple! One scrub, that's it. Use one scrub for the body and feet. 

But how do you decide which one?


All body scrubs are not created equal

which is why we wanted to create the perfect scrub, so we gave our favorite Coco Body Polish a face lift (or is that a body lift?). We wanted a scrub with minimal ingredients, no synthetic chemicals or fragrance. This had to be something you would feel good about using on your body AND your feet (yes, even your face).  

The bottom of your feet is one of the most absorbent areas of your body. Don't think so, try rubbing garlic on the bottom of your feet and see how long it takes before you can taste it. Or you can just take our word for it! 

We started with unscented organic coconut oil and added pure Himalayan Sea Salt instead of sugar because this lovely pink salt is not only pretty, but provides your body with minerals, while helping maintain skins natural pH. 

Behold the perfect coconut! Coconut oil is the perfect oil for all skin types. This magical oil is known to have anti fungal properties that is said to help fight skin infections, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Coconut oil hydrates, helps blemished-prone skin and can help reduce environmental skin damage. 

Finally we wanted you to have options, so we have developed 6 different all natural aroma choices. We now have 3 floral and 3 sweet aromas to choose from. But we didn't stop there! You can now get the same 6 perfectly blended aromas in our Body Crème, Body Oil, Bath Salts and Aromatics. You can mix, match and switch things up to go with your mood. Who says life has to be dull? 

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Donna DeRosa
Donna DeRosa

April 23, 2019

Sounds lovely. My feet definitely need help for spring!

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