August's Monthly Must-Have

August 17, 2016

Hello friends! I’m sorry there was no blog last week- I missed you all! I hope this week all but makes up for my temporary absence.

As you are all hopefully aware, my mom is Founder/C.E.O of My Real Earth. I am Destiny (in case you forgot!) and I write the My Real Blog. I wanted to do a little refresher of that and take a minute to explain my role & why I do what I do for the My Real Earth company.

My mom first started building this company a year or so before I joined the equation. She has done a lot & we are always working on new ways to build up and spread our message of self-love with a product we all believe in. However, I wasn’t always on board – not because I didn’t have the confidence in my mom, but because like most daughters I was too busy to deal with ‘moms stuff’. But then she gave me a sample of her sugar scrub (my personal favorite product) and I started using it and my skin not only looked better but felt better too!

It was my ‘ah-ha’ moment when I realized people can NOT continue to use toxins on their body, and I wanted to be a part of bringing that to people. And now I write the My Real Blog that I get to share with all of you!

This week’s blog is a discussion of My Real Earth’s current Monthly Must-Have. I wanted to share with you what got me to the point of discussing it with you before I started so that you will hopefully see that I’m not just pitching you for a sale, but genuinely sharing with you a product that I love and use!

So here we go!

5 thing's I love about August's Monthly Must-Have - Rejuvenating Tea Tree Body Butter

  1. It’s whipped- the whipped texture of body butter is different than a lotion. If you don’t like the density of regular lotion than try a body butter. It will leave your skin moisturized but not heavily greasy.


  1. Infused with Tea Tree essential oil- like all My Real Earth Products, the body butter is infused with therapeutic grade essential oil. This oil has been said to aid in things such as skin scarring and acne which makes this the perfect body moisturizer if you have problem skin.



  1. Dries Quickly- I am personally a body butter fan because I don’t like the oily feeling of lotion. As I mentioned before, body butter is whipped which allows it to absorb into your skin more quickly making it super easy to add into your body care routine.


  1. It’s safe to use on kiddo’s- I actually use the Tea Tree on my sons skin. There are no toxins so I feel good knowing I’m putting a lotion on him that is safe. He also happens to suffer from eczema and I’ve noticed that when I put a dab of the Tea Tree body butter on him it helps to reduce the appearance of the outbreak. (I am not a doctor & this isn’t a claim to heal eczema, just my personal use experience with my child)



  1. Wonderful Smell- I personally love the smell of Tea Tree. It has also been said to help with sinuses (which, as a sinus sufferer, may be why I love it!). A unique fact about all My Real Earth products are that they are NOT scented! So when you smell any of the My Real Earth line you are smelling the natural scent of the pure therapeutic grade essential oil! I love using something that doesn’t smell artificial, and isn’t a false ‘fragrance’ filled with toxic chemicals!


I hope you love August’s Monthly Must-Have as much as I do, and don’t forget to Sign-Up HERE  with your e-mail to join our family & receive 20% off your purchase of Rejuvenating Tea Tree Body Butter. But, hurry! This offer only lasts until the end of the month!

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