Our Story

" It's my goal to create nontoxic luxury skincare products with REAL ingredients,
without compromising the quality." 
      Kimberly Morlen, Founder/CEO


My Vision : I wanted to change the way we looked at skincare products. It was my goal to create nontoxic skincare that was not only effective and luxurious, but free from harmful synthetics. I truly believe we can have luxury skincare products that work, without all the harmful chemicals or toxins. I want to change the way we look at "natural" skincare and promote a healthy, naturally beautiful lifestyle. I am committed to bringing you the most luxurious, all-natural skincare products so that, no matter where you're starting from, you can Love Who You Are.

Why I created my own skincare products ? It all started when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I knew we were faced with making some major lifestyle changes. Helping him through these changes I began to pay attention to what we were putting on our bodies. I soon realized that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our bodies. The products we were using contained potentially toxic synthetic chemicals, but when shopping for a better option, I couldn't find any truly all-natural products. I learned a label can say a product is "natural", but that doesn't mean it is.Those "natural" products often contained synthetic chemicals I wanted to avoid, that's why I decided to create my own. Our lives are stressful, so I wanted products that contribute to our health and give us peace of mind. It starts with the best all-natural ingredients, combined with pure essential oils, for complete luxury in skincare. 

My own skincare routine: Taking care of our skin is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves on a daily bases.Our lives are face-paced, so I wanted a skincare routine that would produce results, with only a few simple steps. 

  • I start my day with a facial cleanse, using our Coffee Face Line. I cleanse with Coffee Facial Scrub and follow that with Coffee Facial Moisturizer. Coffee is known to plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  
  • For glowing skin I use Body Scrub in the bath, followed by Whipped Body Butter. My personal favorite is Clarity (Tea Tree and Lemongrass). Tea Tree is known for having antibacterial properties, leaving my skin moisturized and healthy.
  • I end my day with a facial cleanse using Activated Charcoal soap. I follow that with Lavender Facial Scrub (including my lips) and Lavender Facial Moisturizer (patting a small amount around the eye area). Lavender helps calm me down, preparing me for sleep.
It's that simple! My products can be used on all skin types, even dry sensitive skin. The Body Scrub and Facial Scrub is gentle enough to use everyday and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.
We are a company founded on giving back to others, that is why a portion of proceeds goes to further Cancer research.






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