Bee Freindly

Learn why we wanted to remove Bee Ingredients from our products. 

+ 5 ways you can help the bee population survive.


Bees are a vital part of a healthy planet. You may already know saving bees isespecially important right now because of their slow decline & extinction. Thesehard little workers are responsible for about 80% of pollination & reproduction ofcrops . Our precious Mother Earth is sending us a powerful message - the planet runs off a wonderful & unique system that is breakable.If this happens, there will be major consequences.  

Why we decided to remove bee ingredientsfrom our products:  

Here's the short version - bees are becoming extinct! Yes, we know there are many great bee keepers out there that allow natural foraging & people love their bees wax lip balm & bees wax candles, but that wasn't for us. (Not that there is anything wrong with that & we support local bee keepers). 

  Pesticides are said to be one of the main caused behind the decline in bee population, but we believe there are others. Lets face it, bees can be big business. There are some beekeepers that only feed their bees sugar water, raising their bees on hard foundations & treat them with chemicals. There are others who migrate their bees by moving thousands of hives for pollination services. It is for these reasons we decided not to use bee ingredients.

Bee Friendly Skincare

Bees love us (just ask anyone who has met us at an event) & we want to love them back! 

5 ways you can help

  1. Anytime you purchase a product from Real Earth Skincare a portion of proceeds help save bees. We found other alternatives to bees wax, like castor wax that's used in our Plump Lip Gel.
  2. Plant Something! This may seem obvious, but just plant a tree, a flower, or even a vegetable garden. Don't have room? Use a window box or planters. The more plants, the more food bees have. The more food bees have, the happier they are. Just plant something!
  3. Cut the Crap! By crap we mean chemicals. There seems to be an addiction to pesticides & this can contribute to bee decline. Reduce you use of chemicals by purchasing organic produce when possible & limit your own personal use of pesticides, especially in the Spring when plants are in bloom & bees forage.
  4. Buy Local Honey. Like we mentioned before, there are many great beekeepers right in your own area. Visit the farmers market or ask your local grocer to stock local honey.
  5. Get involved! Stay involved in bee issues by learning about environmental stresses that face bee population. Check out for fun ways you can help!

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