The Journey

The Journey. About Us. Real Earth Skincare. Planet to pouch


"I LOVE CREATING HEALTHFUL BATH & BODY PRODUCTS & we have always been a company built on beautiful skin, health and the environment, so I wanted to create a way these things could work together".

Why use Real Earth Bath & Body? 

Your skin deserves to be soft & you want to feel special. Stepping out of the house confident kinda special! You will find exactly what your skin is craving in our super cute Eco-friendly pouches.

Why a pouch? It is important to me & my company to reduce our carbon footprint & after researching different types of packaging the pouch just made sense & here's why:
*When you order something online the shipping cost can be crazy high, but since the pouch is lighter in weight compared to plastic or glass that savings is passed on to you. 
*The pouch is better for the environment because they cost less to transport. For example, it takes 1 truck to transport the pouches verses 9 trucks to transport the same number in glass or plastic. Why is that important? This means less fuel is used in transport & that's 9 times less impact on Mother Earth.
*These cute little pouches also take up far less space in landfills (if they end up there). In fact, it is 40% less over glass or plastic.
Read our blog to learn more.


Giving Back 

It came to my attention the slow decline & extinction of bee populations & how Mother EARTH can't survive without them. As a company we made a conscious effort to remove all bee ingredients from our products. To learn more you can read our blog "Why we add NO bee ingredients in our skincare". 

If you are passionate about healthy skin I would like to invite you to join our bee loving community. When you make a purchase you help pollinate minds of all ages to take action & help our struggling bee friends.

What to do more? Every product you purchase comes with its own biodegradable flower seed label that you can peel off, plant, grow. Learn how to plant your flower seeds & re-purpose the product pouch by going to our "How To Re-Purpose Pouch" page.  

I am proud to say ALL our bath & body products are Plant-Based, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Corn Free, Soy Free + Contain NO ingredients produced by Bees.

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