How do I get these products in my retail store?

For retail orders contact us and someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

Can My Real Earth products really make me look more youthful, get rid of breakouts or cure a skin condition?

Let us say this: My Real Earth can make absolutely no claims, whatsoever, about the possible benefits from using our products. Here’s what we can say: we use only the very best natural ingredients possible. We are passionate about this! We choose ingredients that have loads of vitamins and antioxidants. All we want is for you to truly Love Who You Are and to feel great about using these products. Your skin will thank you! And you can also feel great knowing we never use parabens or other harmful stuff and that are products are never animal tested. And if you happen to notice some skin benefits for yourself (and most people do) please feel free to send us your own personal testimony. Of course, you should always check with your doctor or dermatologist if you have specific questions about your skin. If for any reason you develop an irritation you should, of course, discontinue use immediately.

What are the best products for eczema or psoriasis?

First of all, we do not, in any way, guarantee results! We cannot and do not make any claims about the benefits or potential benefits our products may have for these or other skin conditions. Our products have not been studied in clinical trials for the treatment of these conditions.

We can however, relate our personal experience, and that of our customers.

Return Policy

My package arrived damaged, now what?

If this happens, please email It’s rare, but sometimes a jar might leak or your package may get damaged during shipment, but rest assured, we're here to help! Please contact us within 3 business days of receiving your package. To help speed up the process and expedite the replacement process, please send a picture of your damaged package when you email us.

My Real Earth products are final sale and not returnable. Shipping charges are non-refundable. All orders are final and cannot be changed or canceled once placed.

Contest Rules

How do you decide the winner?

Our contest are opened for a giveaway of 1 single item product of our choosing. To enter our contest we ask that the user ‘likes’ the original contest post, leaves e-mail so they can be added to the My Real Earth Newsletter, and ‘shares’ the post on their own news-feed [or the like thereof on other social platforms] Only 1 like, 1 share, and 1 email is necessary and doing so more than once does not increase your chances of winning, and could render you disqualified. Our contest will be held across 3 social media outlets [Facebook, Twitter and Instagram] and consequently there could be 3 winners. If an applicant enters the contest on 1 social platform it is not necessary, however will not be penalized, to enter on the other 2 social platforms. The contest will last exactly 3 weeks from the time of the ‘original’ post and will close on midnight. Winners will be selected at random, and all will be sent a courtesy thank-you e-mail along with a congratulations to their new access to the My Real Earth weekly newsletter. If you have questions regarding our contest, please submit using the Contact Us tab.

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