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Aromatic Set | Earthy and Floral

Love all our Earthy and Floral aromas? Now you can get all 3 + they come wrapped on a FREE cosmetic bag. Set includes one each Lavender Fir Needle, Patchouli Vanilla and Soft Floral Clove Aromatic Perfume roll on.

Key Benefits

These all natural perfume oils are non-toxic and Alcohol-free! 

Lavender essential oil can help reduce stress. Patchouli has been known to provide feelings of relaxation and ease stress or anxiety. A floral aroma could help relieve anxiety and maintain memory.

Real-Pure-Simple Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Natural Aroma. *Organic

How to use

Enjoy our wonderful aromatic scent all day by applying to pulse points as desired.  

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