April 23, 2018

As promised, here's our tips & tricks for your at home body wrap. After years of doing body wraps, both personally & professionally, we have come up with simple steps to help you get the most out of your body wrap efforts. 

Yes, we will give recipes! Stay tuned for next weeks blog when we give you specific personal favorite recipes!

DIY Body Wrap. My Real Earth. Real Earth


Doing your own Body Wrap

1) Exfoliate: YEP, in case you haven't notice this is a very important step. There are two ways to exfoliate before your wrap. You can brush the areas with a dry brush or use a 100% natural body scrub. Both methods work great! We love a dry brush and use one often. If you have never used a dry brush, you want to start on your feet and legs working your way up toward your heart in a circular motion. Then do your arms starting with your hands and in a circular motion move toward your heart.

If you prefer a body scrub, make sure it is all-natural like our favorite Purple Haze Coco Body Scrub. If you decide to use a body scrub, DONT SKIMP! Yes, price may matter but you don't want synthetic scrubs because they can clog the skins pores and prevent the body wrap ingredients from doing their job. That would be a terrible waste of time.

2) WRAP: It's now time to wrap! Using your body wrap mixture, apply a thin layer to the targeted areas. At this point, don't think more is better. That would be a waste of money. We recommend starting slow and wrapping 1-2 times a week, you can work your way up from there if desired. 

Start by applying one section at a time and wrap each section as you go. You can use the popular plastic wrap method to wrap the areas, but we find this really messy. We prefer to use elastic bandages which you can find on Amazon. Spa Slender Body Wrap Elastic Bandages are one example. The use of elastic bandages allow you to get better control and pressure when wrapping (don't wrap too tight). 

Our favorite way to enjoy a wrap (remember you want to sweat) is to apply mixture to all desired areas and then slip into a heavy robe, lay someway comfortable under a blanket, relax! Yeah, there is no compression like using an elastic bandage, but if you want simple this is it! Reminder, DO NOT OVER HEAT! You know your body, so when you start feeling hot enough, stop! We suggest starting with 10-15 minutes and working up from there. If you feel fine after that time, keep going! When we did professional wraps, clients stayed wrapped for about 45 minutes, so the longer the better. 

3) RELAX: Listen to meditation music or simply do nothing, but relax because this is your time!

4) Unwrap: If you decided to use plastic wrap or bandages, unwrap the areas one at a time. Once everything is removed, take a room temperature shower (with natural soap so you don't clog pores) to remove any residue.

5) Moisturize: You want to use an all-natural lotion, butter or creme since your pores are open and will absorb the product easily. Don't clog everything back up with harmful synthetic products. We LOVE Starry Nights Whipped Body Creme, with its relaxing lavender and fir needle aroma.

That's it! Founds fun doesn't it? Let us know how you did by emailing us at info@myrealearth.com. 

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Not intended as medical advise. If skin irritation occurs, stop using and seek the advise of a medical professional. 

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