Make your own Body Wrap at Home with Natural DIY Recipes

April 13, 2018

Homemade Body wrap

Stay with us every week this month as we go over all the information you need to make the perfect body wrap for your goals, right in the comfort of your own home.

A simple visit to the Spa and you are sure to see the pricey Body Wrap included in the list of services. You may have even seen people selling their commercial body wraps at craft fairs or farmers markets. A simple Google search for Body Wrap will bring up several DIY recipes to try at home. Body Wraps are every where and the trend will not stop anytime soon.

The "easy" DIY homemade body wraps may sound too good to be true, but don't assume they don't work because there isn't a high price tag attached to it. The at home body wrap can be just as effective as the pricey ones. These "homemade" body wraps are a surefire way to help reduce inches, detox the skin, rejuvenate & nourish skin, and remove toxins from your body. 

 Here are some things you can expect from your at home body wrap:

  • Tighten & Tone Skin
  • Hydrate & Nourish the Skin
  • Detox
  • Reduce the appearance of Cellulite
  • Lose Inches
So yeah, at home body wraps can be messy and a little tricky, but with practice you will soon be implementing your own body wrap like a pro. It is important to remember the ingredients are key to achieving good results. Earth Mud is a great foundation to the start of any body wrap recipe. 


Now before we dive right into the recipes lets first go over some basics, Body Wrap 101, to help make your body wrap experience a relaxing and happy one!


Body Wrap


For some, getting a body wrap is the perfect time to sit back, relax & take a nap. Hey, we all need to relax sometimes, but while you snooze the wrap is working its magic and making you sweat. Yep, sweat! The body wrap is made for the purpose of sweating in the areas you are targeting. Through this sweaty process, your body is aiding in weight loss, removing toxins and reducing inches.

That's it! Pretty simple right? 

Now we know you want the most from your relaxing DIY body wrap, so lets go over a few things that will make it even better. 


 Body Wrap


When doing a DIY body wrap at home, we have discovered several things that will help you get maximum results. After all isn't that what you want? So take the time to PREP!

1) Choose the right ingredients: This is key! Use high quality ingredients and the right ones. There are many different body wraps recipes (we will cover them in a different blog) depending on what you want to achieve, so get the right ingredients to match your goal.

 2) Exfoliate: Use a quality body scrub like Chantilly Coconut Body Scrub before will help the effectiveness of the body wrap. Exfoliation will help the wrap ingredients penetrate into the skin.

 3) Drink Plenty of Water: This is always important, but when it comes to getting the most from your body wrap, water is everything. Drinking water after the wrap will help flush those pesky fat cells from your system. 

 4) Stay Consistent: Yes you will get good results from your first wrap. But are you willing to settle for good or do you want great? Of course you want great! We recommend doing a body wrap 1-3 times per week.

Ok, now you are all set to do your own DIY home body wrap right? Not so fast! Look out for our next blog when we go over the steps you need to know to "DO" your body wrap.  

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Not intended as medical advise. If skin irritation occurs, stop using and seek the advise of a medical professional. 

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