April Monthly Must Have: 4 great reasons to use a Mud Mask with Kaolin Clay

April 02, 2018

Ah, spring is finally here, but has your skin suffered from the effects of winter? Is your skin looking dull, breaking out or dry? Maybe a Mud Mask is just what you need. 

You have been asking about our Monthly Must Have. We thought April was the perfect time to bring it back and our Earth Mud is the perfect product for this time of year (or anytime really).  

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 Why Use a Dry Mud Mask with Kaolin Clay? 

There are many reasons to use a Dry Mud Mask, but we have listed 4 great reason this type of mud mask will work for you. 

1) A dry mud mask works for all skin types: Because you can mix the mud with plain water or water and oils, the mud mask can be customized for your skin. Let's say you need some extra hydration, simple mix water and oil for super hydration.

2) Kaolin Clay as the main ingredient: This powerhouse clay has been used for years to care, nourish and smooth the skin. Kaolin Clay contains aluminum oxide and silica which contributes to its amazing skin effects. Kaolin Clay is known to cleans the pores and refines skin structure, which is great for acne, blackheads and pimples. 

3) Detoxifying the Skin: Kaolin clay is used as a detoxifying and cleansing agent. The high amounts of silica in this clay helps remove dead skin cells, purifies and detoxes skin for moisturizing hydration. When the clay is washed off, skin will remain remarkably regenerative. 

4) Kaolin Clay helps with some skin conditions: This remarkable clay has been known to enhance blood circulation to the skin, aiding in the healing process. A mask mad using this clay can help reduce muscle soreness, aches and pains, inflammation and even bruising. 

4 Reasons to use a Mud Mask

Added Benefits of Kaolin Clay combined with Bentonite Clay 

Bentonite Clay is used in dry mud masks to help remove blemishes and assist in treating other skin conditions and for good reason. 

The skin suffers a lot of strain caused by everyday toxins, accelerating the aging process. Bentonite Clay can help reduce the environmental signs of aging by: 

* Helps rid the skin of allergies that can cause itching and blemishes. 

* Slows down skins aging process by removing toxins.

* Sooths insect bites or stings, achy joints, acne, rashes, and even bruising. 

Earth Mud Cellulite Recipe: The lumps and bumps that appear under the skin is called cellulite. Here's our own recipe to help reduce its lumpy, bumpy appearance. Apply a mixture of Earth Mud and Apple Cider vinegar to the cellulite areas of the skin and let dry. As the mixture dries it tightens the skin, pulling out toxins and dirt from the pores. Rinse well. 

 When to Use a Mud Mask?

Since both Kaolin Clay and Bentonite Clay are good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, we recommend 1 and 3 times a week. Listen to your skin and adjust to what works depending on your body.

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