What makes our Body Scrub so special? The Spout Bag of course!

March 19, 2018 1 Comment

Who doesn't LOVE using body scrubs to make skin touchably soft and smooth? Scrubs are great for exfoliating dead dry skin due to a cold winter or to soften over exposed skin due to those hot days spent in the sun. Around here, we are crazy about body scrub, but we noticed a few problems with the typical scrubs we tried. Can you guess what they are? 

Well, most body scrubs are made with oils, and a lot of them. These oils are then combined with sugar or salt for exfoliation and packaged in a jar. The oils will settle to the top, which means you have to stick your fingers in the jar to stir. What happens? Yep, OIL everywhere. What a mess! Sound familiar? Talk about a slipping hazard!

Then, as you desperately try to put the lid back on, water gets into your newly purchased scrub. Why is this a problem? Since scrubs are oil based, they do not require a preservative to prevent mold and bacteria from forming. Just add water and now you have added a breeding ground for growth. EWWW!! Have you ever opened a jar of your favorite scrub only to find it growing into something unrecognizable? It's not a pretty site! Into the trash goes your favorite scrub. 

We understand how much you look forward to some much needed pamper time. SOOO, we found the perfect solution for the mess and fuss of oily body scrub jars. Introducing the cutest body scrub bag ever! Our spout bags are truly special bags that solve those messy oily mishaps. What makes the spout bag a better solution? 

 We thought you would never ask! The days of stirring messy oils in a jar are over. The spout bag is easy to squeeze, making for a super simple mixing process. It is important to leave the cap on the spout bag when mixing. Next step, remove the cap and squeeze the desired amount directly to the area you are wanting to exfoliate. Replace the cap and scrub away! Its as easy as that.

Ok, now that you have falling in LOVE with the cutest body scrub bag ever, are you ready to give it a try? Our body scrubs are 100% Natural with no harmful synthetics or fragrances. They are made with Coconut Oil and fine grain sugar for a more gentle exfoliation. In the Purple Haze and Chantilly body scrubs, we decided to add pink Himalayan Sea Salt, along with the sugar, for a truly unique experience. 

Now through the end of March get 25% off every body scrub bag you order. No promo code needed!

Once you receive your body scrub, post a picture of you with the cutest scrub bagto our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @myrealearth and use hashtag #cutestbodyscrubbag We will personally send you a special offer to use on your next purchase.   



Please use caution. Using any type oil product in the tub or shower can cause the surface to become slippery. 

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Joyce Sharp
Joyce Sharp

March 20, 2018

I have been using Real Earth body scrubs for the past few months. They work just as described. Easy to mix in the bag and apply. The bag is the best part. No mess as with others that I have tried in a bottle. They leave my skin silky smooth. The Real Earth whipped body butter leaves my skin refreshing. Both of these product scents are soft in smell and not over powering. I also tried the face serum and was very satisfied. My skin is sensitive and I had no issues. The service in the handling of my order was performed in a friendly and professional manner and received timely. I will be an avid user of the Real Earth products.

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