Random Acts of Kindness

February 16, 2018

Kindness starts with one. Kindness can change the world. Today is Random Acts of Kindness and this has inspired me to share my story about my "One". The one who showed me love, support and kindness.

Yeah I know, it would be an obvious choice for many to pick their spouse, but there is a reason my husband is the one. It has been 4 years ago that my husband was diagnosed with cancer, about 2 weeks before our wedding day. I know he was scared, as anyone would be, but he handled everything like a true hero and here's why.

We went to see the doctor,  thinking he was going to schedule a date for the surgery,  but instead he told us my husband he had to loose weight and a lot of it. It took a year for this to happen and to have the surgery. He worked hard at it because as he said he "didn't want to die". The operation went well and he is fine.

The part of this story that makes my husband my one. As we went through this journey of healthy life style changes I began to notice  ingredients on labels, products we used everyday, in our home and on our body. As we searched for better options it became clear there weren't many, so I began to make my own. This was intended just for us, but it somehow turned into a skincare business that has gone beyond what I would have expected.

Why? My husband has believed in my passion to change the industry. He believes in my products and encourages me everyday! He has seen me fail and seen me have small success along the way, but no matter what he has never stopped supporting my effort and offering encouraging words to keep me going. 

This is why he is my one. This is why I will succeed. This is why I will continue to educate. This is why I give back to cancer research. 

Believing in someone and showing loving support can change the world! Share with us your story about the One and make sure to use #capturekindness and #lovewhoyouare. 

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