December 09, 2019

Hello Beautiful Earth Goddess!

The cold weather has arrived and with it comes dry, itchy skin.

DIY Sugar Scrub

It's that time of year for dry, itchy, flaky skin. This can make for a miserable holiday season. Who wants to cuddle up with a loved one on a chilly evening with dry skin? Not me and I bet not you either. 

This time of year it is even more important to exfoliate so skin feels healthy and silky soft. Why exfoliate? Winter can mean dead skin cell buildup and my simple DIY sugar scrub can help bring your skins glow back.

For my DIY exfoliator you will need only 2 simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen: 

*4 tbs Sugar (I prefer a fine grain sugar because it is not as harsh on the skin). Brown sugar is a good option. 
*2 tbs Organic Coconut Oil
*Glass container with lid (a mason jar works great). 
*Small bowl and spoon (for mixing ingredients). 
*Essential Oil (using a few drops of essential oil can make your scrub smell great). Optional. 

Instructions: In a small bowl combine 2 tablespoons coconut oil with 4 tablespoons sugar. Remember coconut oil's consistency can change depending on the temperature. Use coconut oil that is room temperature and solid. Stir ingredients together. Then add the essential oil and mix until you have a rich, thick consistency. 

Bonus: Coconut oil contains fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish your skin.

How to use: You want to scrub your face and body in a circular motion using a light gentle pressure. You don't want to use a heavy pressure or rub to hard because that can irritate the skin. Don't forget to show your lips some love. This scrub is great on dry, chapped lips too. Rinse well with warm water.

How do you come in from the cold and keep your skin looking healthy? Let me know in the comments below! 


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