April 17, 2019

So why bags? Our cute bags are designed to be 

eco-friendly, less messy & saves money on the products you LOVE.

All our body care products will be packaged in the cutest spout bags. 

We are in the process of packaging all our bath and body products in the cutest spout bags. Hey, it's obvious these bags are super cute, but do they have a purpose? 

Yep and it all started with our Coco Body Polish. If you are like most ladies, you dread mixing your body scrub in the shower (or bath). Its messy! And by the time you are done with that messy scrub, you are left with more scrub than oils. What a waste!

Next, have you noticed how hard it is to get the lid of the jar, mix the scrub, apply & replace the lid? Ugh! Now you have water in the jar, or you dropped it & watched as your favorite scrub went down the drain. That will ruin your pamper time fast. 

Our super cute spout bags solves all your Body Scrub woes!

It's so easy to mix, apply & close the bag without the mess. Ah ha! Why not put our other body products in bags too? So, we tested our Essence Body Crème & it was official. Our products had to go in bags.

Have you ever had a friend, family member or the dreaded co-worker that is always "borrowing" a bit of Crème? Do they leave the cap a mess, use way too much or, shall we dare say, touch your Crème? Who knows where those hands have been? Eek! 

No worries with our super cute spout bags (yes, we said it again, but they are super cute)! #supercutebodyscrubbag #supercutebag

Since we know Mother Earth can't live without bees, we knew these bags had to help our pollinating friends. SO, each bag comes with instructions to re-purpose the bag & help our bee friends thrive. 

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