June 18, 2019

Real Earth Skincare

Changing the way you do skincare. 

The official start of Summer is almost here - June 21st to be exact - and we have been hard at work revamping our products and packaging. We felt like summer was the perfect time to unveil our latest and greatest because this is the time of year for outdoors, adventures and some much needed you time. Can you say pampering? YES!!! So what exactly have we been up to? 

Body Scrub

We have always been a company built on beautiful skin, health and the environment, so we wanted to create a way these things could work together. Our amazing bath & body products are front & center with 6 all new, playful aromas. Whether you need a little relaxation, or you want to feel like you are on vacation all year long, we have the perfect, natural aroma for you. Hey, you might even want to mix it up & try all 6. After all you never know what mood will strike next. 

We know your skin deserves to be soft & you want to feel special. Stepping out of the house confident kinda special! So, if you need Body Wash we got that or maybe you want to polish your skin for a summer glow, Body Polish to the rescue. Body Oil, no problem. Body Creme, check & check. We are confident you will find exactly what your skin is craving in a pouch. 

OK we get it; you aren't used to seeing bath & body products in a pouch but trust us when we say your gonna LOVE it. Why a pouch? It is important to us as a company to reduce our carbon footprint & after researching different types of packaging the pouch just made sense & here's why.

We heard you when you said  shipping cost are high when order our product online & since the pouch is lighter in weight compared to plastic or glass that savings is passed on to you.  

The pouch is better for the environment because they cost less to transport. For example, it takes 1 truck to transport the pouches verses 9 trucks to transport the same number in glass or plastic. Why is that important? This means less fuel is used in transport & that's 9 times less impact on Mother Earth.   

These cute little pouches also take up far less space in landfills (if they end up there). In fact, it is 40% less over glass or plastic.

Now we know you love our products and want to use every drop. The pouch is not only super convenient & easy to take on the go but allows for more of the product to be used. You gotta LOVE the sound of that!

Now that you know, What are

you waiting for?

Our precious pouches are filled with Mother Natures finest ingredients. 

Because YOU deserve skin this soft

Reserve yours today!


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